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Food Histology

Determination of the tissue composition of meat, meat products and sausages

We offer all legally prescribed test and staining solutions for food histology, produced according to § 35 LMBG, for the examination of food.

The quality control of meat and meat products is not only relevant under food law, but also production and processing methods can be improved by regular control of meat products. In particular, structures of the skeletal muscles are affected during processing. Special histological staining techniques make these changes visible and make it possible to assess and optimise processing processes.


Special chemicals for degreasing, fixing, hardening and sample preparation, e.g:

  • formaldehyde solutions
  • calcium chloride-formaline solution
  • Müller's liquid
  • Alcohols, xylene
  • Embedding, adhesive and encapsulating agents

Staining solutions

Ready-to-use staining solutions prepared according to section 4.10 of the official collection of test methods according to § 35 LMBG, e.g:

  • Methylene blue according to Löffler
  • acid haemalaun solution according to Mayer
  • Eosin solution
  • deep red
  • Micro Indigo Solution

Dyeing kits and Protocols

Ready-to-use staining kits for food histological staining in accordance with Section 4.10 of the Official Collection of Diagnostic Procedures according to § 35 LMBG

  • Calleja dyeing
  • Elastica according to Hart
  • Trichrome naach Charvat
  • Alcian green colouring
  • AZAN to Heidenhain

Special Service: Quantitative Evaluation

Analysis of the tissue-substantiell composition: Morphometry with most modern computer technology

  • Statistical evaluation of histometric results
  • Interval estimation of the component fraction
  • Closed Sequential Plans
  • investigation reports