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Product Development

Improvement of histological methods

We put all our products, such as staining solutions, fixatives, descaling solutions, etc. to the test and look for optimization potential.

In this context, we regularly prepare Bachelor's and Master's theses in cooperation with various universities and technical colleges.

Numerous products have already come onto the market based on our internal development work.

Formalin-free fixation

MorFFFix® is our formalin-free fixative for quick fixation - no more toxic formalin fumes in the laboratory and when cutting samples!

MorFFFix® is based on a depot agent that releases the required fixative in an equilibrium reaction only when it is consumed by a fixation reaction. The solution is free of formaldehyde, but forms the methylene groups required for fixation on contact with organic tissue in the required amount. Consequently, there is no over-fixing in the tissue, but only a fixation exactly to the point where all proteins are cross-linked with each other.

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The right decalcifier for your samples! In an internal project MORPHISTO develops optimal decalcification solutions for best dyeing results and tissue retention.

Conventional rapid descaling agents often provide poor tissue preservation, gentle descaling is tedious and influences the dyeing properties. IHC detections are only successful on EDTA decalcified tissues. We are working on the decalcification of decalcifiers for various applications with the best possible results.

Combination of dyeing methods

Three-In-One: Combine dyeing techniques to achieve multiple representations in a single pass: A challenge to every protocol! We combine colourings to brilliant results.

Combination of silver staining with the detection of mucopolysaccharides and elastic fibers, development of staining methods to visualize growth processes in bone graft substitutes and other tissue implants: We carry out classical histological research and combine individual stainings into new protocols.

Colours on plastic cuts

Classic staining and new embedding techniques: We have the solution! Adaptation of dyeing protocols on Technovit and Araldit embeddings to display previously invisible details.


Our services:

  • Contract research
  • Product development
  • Project conception
  • Service partner
  • Promotion of young talent


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