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Geology / Palaeontology

Geology / Palaeontology

No stone is too hard for us, no material too brittle! Thin section fabrication for polarization microscopy and palaeohistology.

Petrographic and palaeontological thin sections, rock thin sections of sediments or crystalline rocks, thin sections of fossils for palaeohistology: With our high-precision instruments we can also process very valuable and small samples into thin sections of the highest quality.

Thin section production

  • rock determination
  • Mineral mapping
  • Analysis of main and trace elements
  • structural analyses
  • Fluid inclusions, microfossils
  • rock structure, porosity, permeability
  • Structure and age of bones or teeth

Grinding machines for perfect results

Grinding with highest precision and constant control

Special plastics

Araldit, Epon or Technovite: the best plastic for the right material in each case

Digitization, evaluation and reporting

Scientific findings and diagnostics, morphometry with state-of-the-art computer technology