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Take a look behind the scenes: Our laboratory equipment


We are happy to give you a look behind the scenes: Our laboratories currently have a working area of around 600 sqm. Sample preparation, cutting, sawing, grinding, milling, dyeing, microscopy and chemical production take place in separate laboratories.

The variety of instruments guarantees our flexibility in the processing of demanding samples. We only use equipment of which we ourselves are convinced and maintain long-term relationships with the equipment manufacturers. If you have any questions about the equipment or are planning to purchase it yourself and need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Histology laboratory

In addition to our modern microtomes and staining machines, we also have a number of older, very robust and in their quality and performance unique devices, such as basic cut microtomes, tetranders, polycuts with ultra milling and cryopolycut freezing microtomes for the production of large cuts. This makes us, unlike many other suppliers, very flexible from the outset and able to meet individual customer requirements.


Printing systems for cassettes and slides

Tissue Processors, Infiltration

Automatic dyeing and covering machines

thin section laboratory

For the cutting thin section technique for the production of thin sections for histology, material testing or geology, we primarily use equipment from our partners EXAKT and KULZER. In our experience, these machines have proven to be extremely reliable and robust and provide the best results for the various problems.

Diamond band saws, pathology saws, grinding machines

Light polymerization equipment for Technovit® and other plastics

Microscopes and digitalization

For diagnosis, digitalization and fluorescence evaluation, as well as for automated image processing (image analysis), we use optical instruments from ZEISS and TissueGNOSTICS.


Digital Pathology


That's what sets us apart:

  • Certification according to ISO 9001:2015
  • Combination of production and service
  • Individual and flexible service
  • Constantly growing product portfolio
  • Flexible and motivated team


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