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Preparation for teaching and demonstration purposes

Microscopic demonstration and teaching preparations

Histological and microscopic preparations for demonstration purposes as well as for training and teaching must meet very special quality standards.

As a special service we offer the production of histological, cytological or other microscopic specimens according to your individual specifications. You can either send us the samples to be processed or we take over the procurement of the material. We can advise you on the selection of stains and sample preparations and offer complete digitalisation of the preparations. Examples can be found on our website

Microscopic anatomy

For the classical "histology course" in medical studies, we offer the production of individually compiled preparation sets. We have many non-human fabrics in stock and can also procure individual human fabrics on your behalf. Alternatively, we can produce cut series from the samples you provide.

Histology for Schools

We offer ready-made or individually compiled preaparate sets from zoology, botany and human biology from our wide range of preparations. We will be happy to discuss individual arrangements with you.

Transmitted light microscopy

Preparation sets for transmitted light microscopy with special preparations for the demonstration of various transmitted light methods: Bright field, dark field, phase contrast, interference contrast, polarization with specimens specially suited for these illumination methods.

Fluorescence microscopy

Brilliant specimens with single, double, triple and multiple markings for demonstrating and checking the filter performance of fluorescence microscopes.