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Digital Pathology

Virtual microscopy

Scan-Service: Digitization of histological specimens

Virtual microscopy, telepathology and modern scanning methods offer new possibilities in working with histological specimens.

A TissueFAXS system with ZEISS Axio Imager.Z2 and a ZEISS Axio Scan.Z1 microscope scanner are used. The digitization is performed with a complete and high-quality microscope optics with large numerical aperture and is therefore far superior to the quality of commercially available slide scanners.

Transmitted light digitizing

Transmitted light digitizing with high throughput

  • up to 100 slides per pass
  • Transmitted light and fluorezency
  • Z-Stacks (multiple focus levels)
  • free viewer
  • Image export in any format

fluorescence digitization

Digitization of fluorescence samples

  • Broad filter spectrum:
    • 350 nm (e.g. DAPI) to 760 nm (e.g. Cy7, AlexaFluor 750)
  • Durability through short-time exposure
  • Separation of the channels
  • Image export in many formats

polarization microscopy

Polarization microscopy opens up an unprecedented view of your samples

  • Collagen Differentiation using Pikrosirius-Red
  • DNA/RNA differentiation using Acridine-Orange
  • geological analysis

Quantitative evaluation and image analysis

Scientific findings and diagnostics, morphometry with state-of-the-art computer technology

  • color separation
  • quantitative evaluations
  • image analysis
  • nucleus counting