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Etchants, Material Examination

Structural analysis in composite materials and metals

Materialography/metallography is the elucidation and qualitative and quantitative description of the microstructure of metallic materials and composites using microscopic methods. It is used for quality assurance, loss event analysis, research and development.

The surface of previously ground and polished samples is etched to examine the microstructure. Only material defects such as cracks, pores or inclusions can be investigated without etching. Most etchants are compositions of various acids, acid solids or alkalis. MORPHISTO offers a wide range of common etchants in small and large containers for almost all applications.


Microetching agent for the representation of the microstructure in reflected light microscopy

  • structural and tool steels
  • high-alloy martensitic chromium steels
  • high-alloy ferrite and austenite materials


Macro etching agent for a complete overview of primary structure and segregations

  • unalloyed, low-alloy steels and cast iron
  • high-alloy steels, nickel materials, copper and copper alloys
  • Aluminium and aluminium alloys
  • Titanium and titanium alloys

Colour etchant

Colour etching agent for the representation of martensite, austenite and delta ferrite

  • austenitic chrome-nickel steels
  • unalloyed and low-alloyed steels
  • ferrite and austenite materials

Kunststoffe für die Materialografie

Technovit® from Kulzer for the embedding of samples

  • cold embedding material
  • light-curing embedding agents
  • warm embedding material
  • plastics for taking impressions