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Cutting Grinding Technique

No sample is too hard for us!

Bones, teeth, implants

Separation thin section techniques: The thin cut for the slightly more stubborn sample

Production of thin sections and thin sections of hard materials such as bones, teeth, implants, stents, artificial hip and knee joints or other metal or ceramic implants.

With high-quality diamond band saws and grinding systems, we can process hard samples of all kinds and process them into thin sections for transmitted or reflected light microscopy.

Diamond band saws for highest precision

Robust devices for the highest demands and exceptional precision in cutting and separating processes

Grinding machines for perfect results

Grinding with the highest precision and constant control of the grinding thickness through stock removal measurement

Ultra milling machine for micrometer accurate removal

Water-free sample processing for minimal and high-precision ablation of individual layers

Special plastics for hard samples

Plastics of the Technovit series for perfect infiltration and tissue preservation

Unique: dyeing of the fabrics

Our dyeing protocols are adapted to the special requirements of tissue thin sections and deliver the best results.

Digitization, evaluation and reporting

Scientific findings and diagnostics, morphometry with state-of-the-art computer technology