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Histology / Cytology

Fast and reliable processing of histological samples of all kinds

Our service includes the complete histological preparation from sampling to fixation, infiltration, embedding, cutting, staining, digitization and automated evaluation / analysis.

For the routine histology we offer a 24h service from the arrival of the samples. Use our capacities as a pool of equipment. We handle daily throughputs of several hundred samples. For special samples and the processing of histological studies, we determine suitable staining methods together with you and support you with our know-how in histology.

Fast sample processing

24 hour processing of routine samples!

Infiltration with paraffin or plastic

The selection of the right embedding medium determines the quality of the results, as well as the correct infiltration protocol and tissue processing.

Microtomes for every application

High-quality equipment and experienced personnel guarantee exceptional cutting quality, whether paraffin, plastic or frozen cuts.

Vibrator and freezer sections for native samples

Fast cuts of unfixed material: No problem! We have equipment for every application.

dyeing with our chemicals

State-of-the-art automatic dyeing machines and dyeing solutions specially adapted to your requirements

Microscopy for highest demands

High-end microscopes with the best optics! Manual and automated digitization for single cuts, large cuts and cut series.

Digitization, evaluation and semi-quantitative analysis

Scientific findings, scoring and diagnostics, histomorphometry with state-of-the-art computer technology