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Materials Testing

Metallography / Materials science

No stone is too hard for us, no material too brittle! Surface treatments for reflected light microscopy and thin sections for polarization microscopy

Thin sections and surface treatments: The high-precision techniques of thin section histology open up new dimensions in quality for the evaluation of materials with unprecedented precision. Trust our experience with samples of all kinds, whether metals, ceramics, rocks, fossils: we saw, grind and polish everything!

special plastics

Araldit, Epon or Technovit®: the best plastic for the material:

  • Technovit 2000
  • Technovit 3040
  • Technovit 4000, 4006, 4071
  • Technovit 5000, 5071
  • Technovit EPOX


Precise sample cutting

Precise cutting of all types of samples with diamond circular saw: Excellent results with low material loss and short processing time

Diamond band saws for highest precision

Robust devices for the highest demands and exceptional precision in the cutting process: The special CP technology for cutting produces a very smooth surface and reduces the subsequent grinding effort to a minimum.

Grinding machines for perfect results

Grinding with the highest precision and constant control of the grinding thickness through stock removal measurement

Ultra milling machine for micrometer accurate removal

Water-free sample processing for minimal and high-precision ablation of individual layers

Surface etching

Etching of surfaces for microstructure analysis and grain boundary determination with the appropriate etching agents from our program