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Rent a laboratory workspace

Use our laboratory workstations for your projects

No job at the institute? Inadequate laboratory equipment? Rent workspaces and laboratory capacities at MORPHISTO!

At our company location in the Frankfurt Campus Oberhafen, work rooms and laboratory work surfaces can be rented for project work, initial studies or for longer periods following training courses. After a course you can simply continue your work in our laboratories. Our competent team is at your disposal for technical and professional questions.

Rent a histology laboratory instead of operating it yourself

The competencies in classical histology and morphology have been reduced at many universities over the last few years. If work in these fields is required for certain questions, the researchers concerned quickly run into time and organisational difficulties, as suitable laboratories and work opportunities are either not available or are in an unsatisfactory state.

With his idea of renting out work tables for guest researchers at the Zoological Station in Naples, the famous zoologist Anton Dohrn created a much-noticed new working opportunity as early as the 19th century, which resulted in a noticeable impetus for comparative histology and anatomy. Following this thought, we have developed our Rent-a-Lab model.

Our competent team is at your disposal during your work both for technical and for technical questions. Our close cooperation with the Goethe University in Frankfurt opens up even more possibilities in this context - just ask us! Computer connection, telephone and furniture are available, special equipment and consumables can be procured or provided - you have no effort for storage and subsequent purchase.


Our services:

  • Individual training
  • device briefing
  • Storage of consumables
  • Technical support
  • project support


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