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ZOK 27 - Gas Turbine Cleaning Agent (Conc.)

ZOK 27 - Gas Turbine Cleaning Agent (Concentrate) is a special cleaning agent developed for use in the maintenance and cleaning of gas turbines. It is a concentrated solution diluted with water in a ratio of 1 + 4 before use.

Because of its specific composition, it is particularly suitable for the removal of stubborn deposits that often occur in gas turbines. This property makes it a valuable tool in power plant engineering and aerospace applications where gas turbines are used.

Chemically, ZOK 27 consists of a mixture of components whose exact composition may vary depending on the application. Nevertheless, the main mechanism of action remains the same: the active ingredients in ZOK 27 interact with the deposits on the surface of the gas turbine, dissolving them and thus enabling their removal.

ZOK 27 is applied by applying the diluted solution to the surface to be cleaned. The active ingredients react with the contaminants, dissolving them and thus enabling their removal. This results in a clean and efficiently functioning gas turbine. ZOK 27 is thus an important resource for gas turbine maintenance and repair.

Article no.: 14743

Gas turbine cleaning

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    ZOK 27 - Gas Turbine Cleaning Agent (Conc.) - 25.000 ml
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Lagerung: 15 … 25 °C

Haltbarkeit: 60 Monate

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