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Phenolphthalein for Carbonate Test

Phenolphthalein for carbonation testing is mainly used in construction chemistry laboratories and concrete testing stations. The product serves as an indicator for determining the depth of carbonation in concrete, an essential factor in assessing the durability and safety of concrete structures. In a neutral or acidic environment, phenolphthalein is colorless, while under alkaline conditions it takes on an intense purple color. This distinct color change allows visual detection of the carbonation front in concrete specimens. When a concrete sample is sprayed with the phenolphthalein solution, non-carbonated areas where the pH is above 8.2 turn an intense purple color, while carbonated areas remain colorless. This visual distinction supports the testing and evaluation of concrete structures with regard to their current condition and possible remedial measures.

Article no.: 15718

Checking the depth of carbonation in concrete

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    Phenolphthalein for Carbonate Test - 100 ml
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    Phenolphthalein for Carbonate Test - 250 ml
    Order number: 15718.00250
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    Phenolphthalein for Carbonate Test - 500 ml
    Order number: 15718.00500
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    Phenolphthalein for Carbonate Test - 1.000 ml
    Order number: 15718.01000
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    Phenolphthalein for Carbonate Test - 2.500 ml
    Order number: 15718.02500
    76,21 €
    Phenolphthalein for Carbonate Test - 5.000 ml
    Order number: 15718.05000
    133,33 €

Important Information

UN-Nummer: 1170

Warning labels:

Lagerung: 15 … 25 °C

Haltbarkeit: 24 Monate

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Relevant Ingredients:
• Ethyl alcohol
• 3,3-bis-(4-hydroxy-phenyl)-3H-isobenzofuran-1-one (C.I.: 764)

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Hazard and safety instructions

Signal Word 1: Gefahr
Signal Word 2: flamme, exclam, ,
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