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GTC Frostex - Gas Turbine Antifreeze

GTC Frostex is an effective antifreeze, specially developed for use in gas turbines. It presents itself as an important addition to the routine care and maintenance of gas turbines by minimizing the formation of frost in the sensitive parts of the turbines. Its chemical composition prevents water from accumulating in the turbine and freezing at low temperatures, preventing damage and loss of performance. In addition, GTC Frostex serves as a special cleaning agent that rids turbines of deposits that could affect their efficiency. When properly diluted with water in a 1 + 4 ratio, optimum protection is achieved. As a result, turbines last longer, downtime is reduced, and higher efficiency and performance is achieved, helping GTC Frostex to maintain and improve gas turbine performance.

Article no.: 15992

Gas turbine frost protection

  •   Container size and order number Net price Amount
    GTC Frostex - Gas Turbine Antifreeze - 100 ml
    Order number: 15992.00100
    9,00 €
    GTC Frostex - Gas Turbine Antifreeze - 250 ml
    Order number: 15992.00250
    9,96 €
    GTC Frostex - Gas Turbine Antifreeze - 500 ml
    Order number: 15992.00500
    16,53 €
    GTC Frostex - Gas Turbine Antifreeze - 1.000 ml
    Order number: 15992.01000
    30,50 €
    GTC Frostex - Gas Turbine Antifreeze - 2.500 ml
    Order number: 15992.02500
    62,07 €
    GTC Frostex - Gas Turbine Antifreeze - 25.000 ml
    Order number: 15992.25000
    326,06 €

Important Information

UN-Nummer: --------

Lagerung: 15 … 25 °C

Haltbarkeit: 60 Monate

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