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Ammonium Chloride Solution

The ammonium chloride leakage current test solution is used to simulate and investigate leakage currents on electronic components. Its composition forms a conductive environment that simulates, in particular, the influence of moisture and contamination on printed circuit boards. The dissociation of ammonium chloride in water creates a slightly conductive solution. In the application, the test solution is applied to the surfaces to be tested, allowing potential leakage currents to be identified and analyzed. In this way, this solution makes a decisive contribution to the quality assurance of electronic components.

Article no.: 14678

Leakage current measurement

  •   Container size and order number Net price Amount
    Ammonium Chloride Solution - 100 ml
    Order number: 14678.00100
    18,80 €
    Ammonium Chloride Solution - 250 ml
    Order number: 14678.00250
    42,95 €
    Ammonium Chloride Solution - 500 ml
    Order number: 14678.00500
    50,69 €
    Ammonium Chloride Solution - 1.000 ml
    Order number: 14678.01000
    96,19 €
    Ammonium Chloride Solution - 2.500 ml
    Order number: 14678.02500
    207,91 €

Important Information

UN-Nummer: 0000

Lagerung: 15 … 25 °C

Haltbarkeit: 6 Monate

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Relevant Incredients:
• ammonium chloride

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