Established Methods of Resin Histology

Technovit® 7200 – Cutting and Grinding Thin-Sections

Technovit® 7200, 7210 & 7230

Technovit® 7200 VLC

Photocuring one-component methacrylate-based resin for embedding and subsequent production of thin ground sections in medicine and dentistry.

Technovit® 7210 VLC

Photocuring one-component precision adhesive on the basis of methacrylate for precision adhesion of polymerized specimens on acrylic glass specimen holders.

Technovit® 7230 VLC

Photocuring one-component adhesive methacry- late-based, for the fixing of tissue specimens in the embedding mould.



Technovit 7200 VLC was specially developed for the thin grinding technique. It completely penetrates hard tissue, and with this technique no decalcifi- cation of the tissue is necessary. Resins like compo- site tooth filling materials or bone cements are not affected by Technovit 7200 VLC.

Polymerization of the embedding medium takes place in the blue light unit. When adhering to the irradiation times indicated, temperatures will not exceed 40 °C.

Its mechanical strength makes Technovit 7200 VLC particularly suitable for the thin grinding technique, and the sawing and grinding equipment manufac- tured by Exakt is best suited for this method.

All customary dyeing methods may be applied with high-quality results and in a minimum of time.


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