Established Methods of Resin Histology

Technovit® 7200 – Cutting and Grinding Thin-Sections

Technovit® 3040 is a quickly hardening 2-component plastic with a methyl meth acrylate base (MMA). It is used to block or fasten embedded plastic specimens with the Histobloc or for socket embedding. The chemical composition allows for a stable, permanent bond with the hardened block Technovit® 7100, Technovit® 8100 or Technovit® 9100.

Technovit® 3040

Histobloc® – support elements

The Histobloc supports are adjustable to Histoforms S + Q or for Histoform N.


Once Technovit® 7100, Technovit® 8100 or Technovit® 9100 has hardened, the Histobloc support element is placed in the opening in the Teflon embedding form Histoform S/Q or Histoform N intended for this purpose (Image 1). If Technovit®8100 was used for embedding, the cover film must be removed from the specimen before the Histobloc® support element is put into place. For Histoform N, the aluminium lid is removed and the PE film is removed.

Mix Technovit® 3040 until it is as viscous as possible (mixing ratio 2-3 volumetric parts of powder to 1 volumetric share of liquid). Pour the mixed material into the opening in the Histobloc®. (Image 2)
Technovit hardens and the Histobloc® tightly bonds to the specimen in 5 - 10 minutes, depending on the room temperature.

The specimen can now be removed from the form and is ready to be cut (Image 3). Through blocking with the very hard Technovit® 3040, the elastic Technovit® 7100 or Technovit® 8100 is stabilised in such a way that even the thinnest sections are possible.

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