Established Methods of Resin Histology

Kulzer's Technovit® systems

TECHNOVIT® systems now exclusively at MORPHISTO: Since April 1, 2017, MORPHISTO is the exclusive sales partner for TECHNOVIT® systems for histology from Kulzer GmbH. For resin histology MORPHISTO also offers a comprehensive advisory service and staining reagents tailored to TECHNOVIT®.

TECHNOVIT® is a fast-hardening resin that is firmly established in histology and metallography and is easy to use. The first products of this line were launched in 1953. Today, TECHNOVIT® is used in many areas of histology, immunohistochemistry, veterenarian medicine, metallography, material testing and all kinds of special embedding, impression techniques and modelling.

In our own histology laboratory we have been using Technovit systems for many years and have established a wide range of histological and immunohistochemical staining and detection techniques on these polymerization systems.

As the exclusive contractual partner of Kulzer for Technovit® resins for histology, you will receive all resin components, consumables, embedding moulds and other utensils required for working with Technovit® systems for histology from us. In addition, we offer complete technical advice and support, as well as special courses for the production of thin sections and cutting-grinding samples with resins.

Technovit® 7200 and 9100 can be processed with cutting grinding systems and hard-cut microtomes. The results are high-quality cut grinded slides and sections that have adapted the field of tissue examination to modern requirements and specimens from implantology as well as bone and tissue replacement materials.

Technovit® 7100 and 8100 are resin systems based on HEMA for light microscopic investigations. It is suitable for embedding all tissues in medicine, zoology and botany. Incisions of decalcified or short descaled iliac crest biopsies and implanted biomaterials can be used not only for histological staining, but also for enzyme and immunohistochemistry.

In addition to these special resins for tissue infiltration, other fast-curing Technovit® systems are also used for gluing and blocking samples:

Technovit 3040 and 4000 are resin systems whose application is primarily in metallography and materials science. These very fast curing resins have excellent adhesive properties and are therefore used in resin histology to glue sample blocks onto slides or block holders for the microtome.

For more information on the individual systems, please follow the links above or click here:

Technovit® 9100

Technovit® 7200

Technovit® 7100

Technovit® 8100

Technovit® 3040

Technovit® 4000

All plastics, consumables and additional utensils are available in our webshop.

You can download a brochure of the different systems --> here.

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