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Bone, spongiosa, mineralised and keratinised tissues

Our service in the field of resin histology is geared to your individual needs. In contrast to paraffin sections, the production of resin sections requires detailed planning and determination of the preparation targets.

Together with you, we determine which preparation methods are appropriate for your questions and then recommend the most suitable processing method. We help you to control the costs of sample processing and achieve optimal results.

We have many years of experience in the production of resin slides. We process all kinds of samples from the typical fields of application of resin histology.

We use them for the production of resin slides:

    • Technovit® 7100 for normal histological samples
    • Technovit® 8100 for immunohistochemical detection 
    • Technovit® 9100 for harder samples and very thin slides
    • Araldit, Epon, SPURR, LR White for special applications and electron microscopy


We make cuts with the following microtomes:

  • Leica RM 2255
  • Leica RM 2155
  • Leica RM 2050
  • Reichert-Jung PolyCut S and E


We would be pleased to make you an individual offer!

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