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Beginner, Advanced, Professional: Courses for all Levels

MORPHISTO offers various trainings for all substanial methods for histology & immunohistochemistry. Besides the conventional treatment of paraffin and resine histology we also teach the processing of large sections, semi- & ultra thinn sections or cutting and grinding methods for hard materials.

The capacity of our main courses is 6-8 persons. In these training the participants learn within 3 days applications based on their knowledge - theoretical and practical. We emphasise a sufficient amount of time for practicing under professional supervision because that’s how you learn histology. Our long-term practical experience as a research lab will help you to increase your daily lab routine.

We also offer one-day workshops concerning special applications in histology and immunohistochemistry. Our cooperation with the Lieberz-Hansmann GmbH extends these workshop offers with a deep knowledge of organisation, processes and applications of routine pathology and histology labs.

As a special service all trainings and workshops can be booked as individual courses for your lab staff, starting with 3 participants. Just ask us for an individual quote.


In-House: all our trainings can be offered as in-house courses in your lab, only for your staff

If you are interested in our trainings please contact us --> e-mail. We would be delighted to send you an individual offer.

Customized trainings for nearly every method

Benefit from customized trainings for you & your whole lab team:

  • paraffine histology
  • resin histology
  • immunohistochemistry
  • cutting / grinding methods
  • electron microscopy (semi & ultra thin sectioning, TEM)
  • Large Sectioning
  • surface and material treatment
  • staining methods
  • silvering and metal detection
  • cytology
  • trouble shooting
  • connective tissue staining
  • properly application of various fixatives


Collective registration of several people allows discounts on prices, consumalbles included. Students obtain a 10 % discount. Out-of-town guest were gladly given advices for an accomodation.

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