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Staining Kit: MOVAT’s Pentachrom after VERHOEFF

Special staining of connective and supporting tissue with high differentiation of various hard and soft tissue components. Cartilage tissue is coloured blue-green to dark green by metachromatic effects. Collagen tissue (light yellow) can be differentiated from young osteoid (dark yellow), depending on fixation, osteon structures (reddish) are marked. Muscle tissue, cytoplasm (red) and cell nuclei (blue-black) are differentiated. Verhöff's modification allows the differentiation of elastic fibres (black), myelin sheaths (black-brown) and a more intensive nuclear staining.

Article no.: 12061

staining of elastic fibres

  •   Container size and order number Net price Amount
    Staining Kit: MOVAT’s Pentachrom after VERHOEFF - 100 ml
    Order number: 12061.00100
    184,94 €
    Staining Kit: MOVAT’s Pentachrom after VERHOEFF - 250 ml
    Order number: 12061.00250
    307,04 €
    Staining Kit: MOVAT’s Pentachrom after VERHOEFF - 500 ml
    Order number: 12061.00500
    642,42 €
    Staining Kit: MOVAT’s Pentachrom after VERHOEFF - 1.000 ml
    Order number: 12061.01000
    1.223,78 €

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product information

Components of this kit:
• Alcian blue 1 % (pH 2,5 in acetic acid), Artikel-Nr.:12696
• VERHOEFF’s Stock Solution A, Artikel-Nr.:10402A
• VERHOEFF’s Stock Solution B, Artikel-Nr.:10402B
• VERHOEFF’s Stock Solution C, Artikel-Nr.:10402C
• Iron(III) Chloride 1 %, Artikel-Nr.:10174
• Brilliant Crocein - Acid Fuchsine, Artikel-Nr.:10156
• Phosphortungstic Acid 2 %, Artikel-Nr.:10321
• Safron du Gatinais, alcoholic, Artikel-Nr.:10369
• Acetic Acid 12 %, Artikel-Nr.:13827

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