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Acetic Acid in Ethanol (1 % / 96 %)

Acetic acid alcohol is a mixture of acetic acid and ethanol used in histology and cytology as a solvent and fixative. A solution of 1% acetic acid and 96% ethanol is widely used and frequently used in laboratory practice.

The combination of acetic acid and ethanol has a synergistic effect that increases the solvent and fixation properties of the mixture. The acetic acid plays a role in fixing cell structures by denaturing proteins and stabilizing cell membranes. At the same time, it acts as an acid buffer to maintain an optimal pH level during the fixation process. The high alcohol content of the solution displaces water from tissues, resulting in better preservation of structures and facilitating subsequent staining.

Acetic acid alcohol is often used to dehydrate tissue specimens and for intermediate fixation in histology. The solution can also be used to degrease tissues, which is particularly beneficial for fat-rich specimens, such as brain tissue.

The use of acetic acid alcohol solution offers the advantage of faster fixation and better preservation of fine cellular structures over other fixatives.

Article no.: 11374

Differentiation / pickling / bluing

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    Acetic Acid in Ethanol (1 % / 96 %) - 100 ml
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    Acetic Acid in Ethanol (1 % / 96 %) - 250 ml
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    Acetic Acid in Ethanol (1 % / 96 %) - 500 ml
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    Acetic Acid in Ethanol (1 % / 96 %) - 1.000 ml
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Important Information

UN-Nummer: 1170

Warning labels:

Lagerung: 15 … 25 °C

Haltbarkeit: 18 Monate

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Relevant Incredients:
• Ethyl alcohol
• Aqua dest. / pure water

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Signal Word 1: Gefahr
Signal Word 2: flamme, exclam, ,
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