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Descaling agent post-treatment

Acid-based decalcification of bone tissue can lead to swelling of collagen fibers, which can compromise tissue structure and lead to artifacts in subsequent histologic examination. The decalcifier post-treatment solution is specifically designed to reduce this swelling process while removing acid residues that could lead to precipitation in the tissue.

Using this post-treatment solution protects tissue structure and preserves cell morphology, which is important for accurate histologic analysis. The post-treatment solution works by restoring the swelling collagenous fibers and neutralizing the acidic environment created during the decalcification process.

After applying the decalcifier post-treatment solution, the bone tissue is thoroughly rinsed to remove any remaining solution residue. The tissue can then be processed in further histological procedures, such as kerosene embedding, thin section cutting and staining.

Article no.: 11201

Decalcification of tissue samples

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    Descaling agent post-treatment - 250 ml
    Order number: 11201.00250
    16,00 €
    Descaling agent post-treatment - 500 ml
    Order number: 11201.00500
    22,59 €
    Descaling agent post-treatment - 1.000 ml
    Order number: 11201.01000
    30,30 €
    Descaling agent post-treatment - 2.500 ml
    Order number: 11201.02500
    57,08 €

Important Information

UN-Nummer: 0000

Lagerung: 15 … 25 °C

Haltbarkeit: 45 Tage

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Relevant Incredients:
• Sodium sulfate
• Aqua dest. / pure water

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