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Citric Acid 10 %

Citric acid 10%, an aqueous solution of citric acid and distilled water, is widely used in medical diagnostics, histology and scientific laboratories. In histology, it is used for antigen retrieval and thus improves immunohistochemistry by enhancing epitope imaging on formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue sections. The chemical formula of citric acid is C6H8O7 and it is characterized by its trivalent acidity. This leads to complete or partial dissociation in water and the formation of citrate ions, resulting in a decrease in pH.

Due to its chelating properties, through which it can bind metal ions, citric acid 10% is used in laboratory applications to prevent metal ion-induced oxidation reactions. In medical diagnostics, it plays a role in enzymatic reactions as it is used as a buffer for pH regulation. In summary, Citric Acid 10 % is a versatile reagent in histology, enzymatic diagnostics and general laboratory applications.

Article no.: 17997

Preparation of buffer solutions

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    Citric Acid 10 % - 100 ml
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    Citric Acid 10 % - 250 ml
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    Citric Acid 10 % - 500 ml
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    Citric Acid 10 % - 1.000 ml
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    Citric Acid 10 % - 2.500 ml
    Order number: 17997.02500
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UN-Nummer: 0000

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Lagerung: 15 … 25 °C

Haltbarkeit: 12 Monate

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• Citric acid

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Signal Word 1: Gefahr
Signal Word 2: acid_red, , ,
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