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Antigen Rapid Test RSV Virus (möLab) - 10 pcs.

Human respiratory syncytical virus causes respiratory tract infections. It is a major cause of lower respiratory tract infections and hospitalization in infants and children.
The virus is easily transmitted by droplet infection. In temperate zones, an annual epidemic occurs during the winter months.
Treatment is limited to supportive measures (e.g., oxygen administration). Rapid diagnosis allows these measures to be applied at an early stage.

Article no.: 11351

Detection of RSV antigens

Important Information

Lagerung: 15 … 25 °C

Haltbarkeit: 24 Monate

product information

Storage between 2-30℃
Sample: nasopharyngeal swab specimens
Test time: 15 minutes
Shelf life: see expiry date on package
Relative sensitivity: 86.7 %
Relative specificity: > 99,9 %
Accuracy: 96,3 %
from a concentration of 1.15 x 102 TCID50/ml

colouring protocol

instruction manual

Technical informations


Hazard and safety instructions