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Acridine Red Solution, alcoholic

Acridine red solution, alcoholic, is a specialized stain used in histology and pathology. It is ideal for use in scientific laboratories and enables precise and reliable examination of tissue sections and cell structures.

In the field of histology and pathology, Acridine Red Solution is used to stain acidic, especially basophilic, structures such as nucleic acids, ribonucleoproteins and cell nuclei. The solution consists of acridine red, a bright red dye that chemically interacts with target structures. The alcoholic base of the solution, consisting of ethanol and water, allows effective penetration and staining of the structures of interest. The acetic acid in the solution acts as a stabilizer and ensures optimal staining results.

The operation of the Acridine Red solution is based on the chemical bonding between the dye Acridine Red and the structures to be stained. By interacting with the target structures, the solution enables detailed and precise visualization of tissue sections, which is necessary for the analysis of cell structures and morphological changes.

Overall, the alcohol-based acridine red solution is ideally suited for use in histology and pathology. The combination of acridine red, ethanol and acetic acid ensures optimal staining of target structures, enabling precise analysis and examination.

Article no.: 12793

Staining of tissue samples

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Important Information

Lagerung: 15 … 25 °C

Haltbarkeit: 6 Monate

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Relevant Incredients:
• Acridine Red (C.I.: 45000)
• Acetic acid 99%
• Ethyl alcohol

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