Resine Histology

Sectioning & Grinding of hard tissues: teeth, bones

Teeth and bones are quite difficult to section if they may be not decalcified for particular research or diagnostic questions. For sectioning or grinding of teeth, bones or other hard materials special treatments and apparatusses are necessary.

In our lab we offer the complete processing of resine embedding, sectioning, grinding and even milling. We can process teeth, bones, bone-replacement materials and all other kinds of hard metarials.

For embedding we use methylmetacrylates or epoxid-resins and various other resine systems. Our main experience we have with the systems of Heraeus Kulzer (Technovit 9100new, Technovit 7100 / 8100 and Technovit 7200) and with araldite.

Our Service in Summary

embedding in Technovit 9100new and Technovit 7200

embedding in Technovit 7100 and 8100

embedding in Araldite and other epoxy-resines

processing of sawing section by the sawing microtome

processing of grinding section by diamond band saws

surface processing by ultra milling

histological sections with hard metal mikrotome

analysis of sections via digital analysis systems

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