Resin Histology

Processing of hard tissues

In the field of resin histology, samples are embedded into cuttable or sawable resins, usually methacrylates or epoxy resins. Typical applications are cut-grinded or sliced sections of bones (iliac crests), keratinised materials, mineralized tissues, ligaments and samples from botany and invertebrate zoology.

Resin histology complements classical paraffin histology, so that mineralized structures as well as cartilage and ligamentary tissues can be excellently preserved and microscopically examined.

Embedding takes place in cold-curing methacrylates or epoxy resins (araldit). Cutting thicknesses of just a few micrometers can be achieved with excellent tissue preservation and low compression.

  • Technovit® 9100 for classic slicing, cutting grinding and immunohistochemical analyses
  • Technovit® 7200 for cutting grinding of implants, teeth, bones and other hard samples
  • Technovit® 7100 for histological slides of soft or horny tissues
  • Technovit® 8100 for immunohistochemical detection on soft or horny tissues
  • Araldit, Epon, LR-White for semi and ultra thin cuts


Further sample processing is carried out with special hard cut microtomes as well as semi- and ultramicrotomes. The methods of the resin histology are complemented by the cutting grinding techniques. The results are thin sections, which are then dyed and suitable for microscopic examination.

The various Technovit® polymerisation systems are also available as kits or individual components in our webshop. If you have any questions about the application, we will be pleased to support you with our know-how.

Our Service in Summary

embedding in Technovit 9100new and Technovit 7200

embedding in Technovit 7100 and 8100

embedding in Araldite and other epoxy-resines

processing of sawing section by the sawing microtome

processing of grinding section by diamond band saws

surface processing by ultra milling

histological sections with hard metal mikrotome

analysis of sections via digital analysis systems

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