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Contract research and studies

You need a competent partner for your research project? Your partner should offer a huge methodological expertise? Your like to cooperate with qualified partners for your product development or medical studies?

Trust in our longterm scientific experience in histology, immunhistochemistry and electron microscopy. We are your partner for scientific and clinical studies. 

In our lab we offer almost all kinds tissue preparations and investigations, even material properties belong to our expertise.

If you need microscopic evaluations and documentations, our high equipment will offer almost all kinds of analysis and digitalisation methods.


Professional Analysis and Digitalisations

Research Reports
Our scientific staff offers a complete and ready to publish documentation of our specimens. We discuss the parameters and criteria for evaluation with you and will the complete diagnosis and reporting:

  • Reports with manual scoring
  • Short reports and establishing protocols
  • Tissue digitalisation for virtual microscopy

Quantitative Analysis
With our automatic digitalisation and analysis system we offer tissue analysis for whole slide and whole tissues.:

  • Histological color separation Farbseparationen
  • Fluorescence analysis
  • Scattergramms
  • statistical analysis
  • 3D-rekonstructions 
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