Service for Immunohistology / Immunohistochemistry

MORPHISTO┬« is your competent partner for any immunohistochemical questions. With our longterm experience and our high end equipment in our lab, we develop standard operation protocols for IHC stainings of paraffine, cryo and resin-sections and cellcultures. 

We establish detection by use of classical substrate like DAB or immunogold, as well as with modern fluorescence substrates. We have longterm expertise in IHC on human, zoological or botanical tissues with many mono- and polyclonal antibodies, e.g:

  • various collagenes, osteopontin, periostin, fibronektin, laminin,
  • BSP and elastin
  • vasopressin, oxytoxin, bradykinin Ki-67, anti-galaktose alpha 1,3
  • various cytokeratines, various cluster of differentiation (CD), digoxigenin
  • apoptose-detections 

Our Services in Summary

immunohistochemistry on paraffine, resine, vibratome and cryo-sections

immunohistochemical studies for developing SOP's

developing of special fixative and buffers for IHC

trainings and courses

tissue diagnostics and scoring of stainings and detections

scientific reports and quantitative analysis

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