Histology Service

Histology Service

MORPHISTO┬« provides a full range of histology service for routine and research. Our experience comprise routine & customized histology, histopathology, neurohistology, bone histology, resin histology, immunohistochemistry (IHC), immunofluorescence (IF, ICC), apoptosis Detection (TUNEL Staining), whole mount IHC, whole slide scanning.

In our lab we have a various amount of different microtomes: sliding micorotmes, rotary microtomes, disc-miscoromes,, microtomes with cooling equipment, cryotomes and large-section microtomes allow us sectioning and preparation of almost all kinds of specimens and materials.

Our unique selling point is the combination of a production lab for laboratory chemicals with our histology service lab. All variable paramaters of histologcal preparation and staining are in our own hands, and we can adjust them to your needs!

Rountine praparation usually takes 3 days for paraffin and cytological specimen. Resine embedding and sectioning is possible within 2-3 weeks. You will get back your sections completely signed, even with BarCode if necessary and a complete processing protokoll.

Send us your biopsies in specimen jars or already embedded in paraffine or resine. For best results we recommend to discuss the fixative with us; we also provide you with the fixative for your speciemens before you take the biopsies.

If you have any needs for stainings or preparation methods you cannot find in our lists here, please contact us. We are a research lab, and we always expand our competences and we are interested in extraordinary requests.

Please contact us for an individual quotation! 


We garantee quality and individual rates!

Sectioning of embedded samples:

  • single sections and stainings
  • partly sectioning of a sample
  • complete sectioning of a sample
  • sections series and pattern series
  • randomized section series
  • cryo sections
  • large sections
  • cutting/thin-ground technology

Staining and detections:

  • Hematoxylin-Eosin
  • Masson-Goldner-Staining
  • Azan-Staining
  • Resorcinfuchsin-Staining
  • Van-Gieson-Staining
  • Alcianblue-Nuclearfastred-Staining
  • Perjodacid-Schiff-Reaction (PAS-Staining)
  • Papanicoalous-Staining
  • Pappenheim-Staining
  • Giemsa-Staining
  • Movat-Pentachrom-Staining
  • Mollier-Staining
  • Bodian-Staining
  • Gomori-Staining
  • Grocott-Staining
  • etc.














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