Histology Service in Research and Routine Standards

Fast and competent processing for best results from your specimens! In our labs for histology and immunohistochemistry we provide professional sample preparation for research and routine diagnostics and evaluations.

Think of our lab as if it’s yours! Come to us, talk with our technicans an scientists and we develop the solution for you! Make use of our experience, we provide your work with professional advice.

Our service covers the whole preparation, starting with fixation, infiltration, embedding, sectioning, staining and finally microscopic analysis and digitalisation of complete slides (www.histoatlas.de).

We help you to find the best stainings methods and fixatives for your requests and support your research with our team of scientists.

We have longterm experiences with various samples and with our microtomes we can section sample of almost all sizes up to 20 x 25 cm):

  • soft tissue biospies / hard tissue biopsies
  • biopsies of organs / whole organs
  • tissue models
  • decalcified bone biopsies
  • native bone biopsies / teeth
  • large scale biospies or organs up to 20 x 25 cm block size
  • cryo section and cryo large sections
  • cryo large sections for autoradiography


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