Staining Solutions

Ready-tu-Use Stainings Solutions for Histology and Cytology

MORPHISTO® offers a huge range of staining solutions for histology or cytology. We produce our solutions after standardized recipies so that each staining is reproducable. We have many stainings in stock. If you need a stain stat we did not offer yet, just call us: We produce your individual stainings by use of your recipies.

Biological tissues has a little inherent contrast in light microscope. It is difficult to differentiate microscopical structures just on the basis of native sectioned tissues. Staining of the sections help to differentiate tissues structures and tissue componend due to various chemical properties.

In general one can distinguish a few kinds of stainings:

  • staining for nuclei or particular compounts of cells (microtubuli, mitochondria)
  • staining for cytoplasma
  • stainings for intercellular compounts
  • stainings for fibres and connective tissues
  • staining for particular detections of chemical structures (aldehyds, metals)

For each these purposes various staining solutions and stainings methods are known and described in literature, however, only a few stainings are established in the daily routine of biological or medical laboratories.

MORPHISTO® produces all routine staining solutions, as well as all kind of forgotten or exotic stainings solutions for histological purposes in medicine, zoology or botanics.

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