Fixatives in Storage Bottles and Biopsie Samples

The standard fixative for histology is formaline, We offer various qualities and concentrations of formaline, and various other formaline- and formaline-free fixatives. Our fixatives will be also freshly prepared for maximum quality in fixation.

Formalin will be offered as 4%, 10% or 37% concentration of formaldehyde in pure quality or mixed with buffers at a neutral pH-value or with phosphat-buffer at 7,2 or 7,4 pH. We also offer biopsie samples from 10 ml - 120 ml.

Furrthermore we have almost all special fixatives in our product portfolio. We produce Bouin's fixative, Stieve's fixative, Carnoy's fixative, Karnovsky's fixative and any other special fixative you need.

Sent us your recipies for your special fixative. Keep your laboratory free of dangerous raw materials and let us produce the fixatives for you.

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