Etching Chemicals

Etching Chemicals for Metallography

Metallografy is in some resepcts a kind of "histology of metals". Metallography investigates the microscopic structure of metals. Therefore thinn sections are prepared and etching provides the view into the microscopical structure.

Metallographical investigations recommends that the metal surfaces have to be grinded and polished, but in many cases only a final etching of the metal surfaces provides the view into the microscopic structure. For etching various etching solutions are used in the laboratory routine, each solution for particular metals or groubs of metals.

These solutions are very aggressive and the are mixed from various raw materials which are dangerous in many respects. Our lab provides the production of Ready-to-Use etching solutions, which we only produce after your order. You will get an absolute freshly prepaired solution for best results.

We expand our portfolio of etching solutions constantly. So if you need a solution which is not in our catalogue yet, just contact us and sent us your recipe.

Some Examples of our Etching Solutions

Etching solutions will be always prepared freshly after your order and only in small amounts. Please give us a few days to deliver, so that we can guarantee best quality of our solutions. If you need a solution we have not in our repertoire yet, we are looking forward to receive your recipes and needs and we expand our portfolio.

Some Examples of our Etching Solutions

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