Histology Chemicals / Laboratory Chemicals

Ready-to-Use Staining Solutions and Chemicals

Place your order for staining solutions or fixatives for your daily laboratory routine, or send us your internal recipies and we produce your chemicals for you.

We recenly offer more than 700 laboratory chemicals, all of them ready to use. In our catalogue you should find allmost all stains and dyes and buffers you will need in your lab. If there are some chemicals, you do not find in the catalogue: Just contact us! We prepare every solutions for you!

You can download our complete catalogue ==> here

Save the time and money for the stain & dye preparation and save the money and space for storage of raw material. You can outsource all your laboratory needs to our lab.

All chemicals will be produced freshly and will be quality tested in our lab, before the go out to our customers. You also get material safety data sheets; all chemicals are GHS-labeled.

If you have any question: Our staff will anser your questions by telephone or email.

Our Laboratoy Chemicals

In our portfolio you find chemicals for every laboratory need: cytology, histology, pathology, metallography. For any questions regarding our laboratory chemicals contact our experienced staff.


Staining Solutions for Histology, Cytology and Hematology

Staining kits for Routine-Histology (H&E, van Gieson, PAS, Giemsa, PAP)

Staining kts for Special Stainings (AZAN, MOVAT, GOMORI, GROCOTT

Fixatives: Formaline, PFA, Bouin, Stieve

Buffer-Solutions, ready-to-use or as Concentrates

Differenciation, Dyeing-Solutions and Blueing-Solutions

Alcohols for Histology & Zytology (Ethanol, Isopropanol)

Solvents (Xylene, Acetone)

We also provide you with large amounts of our chemcials. Please ask for an individual quotation and individual prices ==> contact form.

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