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MORPHISTO's Backend: our laboratory equipment

You are welcome to have a look in the "backend" of MORPHISTO. Our labs recently have more than 400 squaremeters. Sample preparation, sectioning, staining, microscopy and production of ready-to-use chemicals take place in each a different lab.

Beside our modern machines we also have some of the old but still functioning and machines (especially microtomes) in our lab. According to this we are very flexible and we are able to fullfill almost all wishes of our customers.

The diversity of laboratory apparatusses guaranties our capacities for difficult samples as well as for fast preparations. If you have any questions about our machines, please contact us (==> contact form).

Machines for specimen processing

Leica IPC: Printing System for Biopsie Cassettes
Leica TP 1020 Tissue Processor with vacuume function
Leica TP 1050 Tissue Processor
Leica EG 1140 H for Specimen Embedding
Leica IPS: Printing System for Object Slide
Leica Autostainer XL: Staining machine for up to 12 parallel stainings
Leica CoverSlipper CV 5030
Sacura GLC 550 Cover Slipping Machine

Microtomes for Sectioning

Leica RM 2255 Automatic Rotary Mikrotom
Leica RM 2255 Automatic Rotary Mikrotom with CoolClamp
Leica RM 2165 Automatic Rotary Mikrotom
Leica Cryostat CM1900 for Native Frozen Sections
Leica Disk Microtome DSC2 for Sections Series
Leica RM 2050 Automatic Rotary Mikrotomes
Leica 2065 Automatic Rotary Mikrotomes
Leitz 1512, 1515 Manual Rotary Microtome
Sliding Microtome Jung HistoSlide 2000 and SM 1000
Leitz Slide Sledge Microtome
Leitz SM 1400 Slide Sledge Microtome
Tetrander: Large Section Microtome
PolyCut S: Automatic Large Section Microtome
PolyCut E with UltraMill: Large Section Microtome and Ultra Milling Microtome
Leica CryoPolycut: Large Section Cryo Microtome
Reichert Jung UltraCut E with Trimming-Machine
Leica EM KMR2: Knife Maker for Glass Knifes

Further Laboratory Machines for Histology Techniques

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